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Basketball wives lesbian

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Jackie is surprised, but willing. Jackie has forced Doug to cook them a feast. Jay brannan nude. Open your eyes baby wrong is wrong especially when you have the facts right in front of your face. I Go So you like for straight women to dabble huh? I wouldnt let Evelyn near my snatch with those choppers either Phuck around and give somebody a hysterectomy or collapsed pelvis floor.

That muthafker says he needs a 12 step. Basketball wives lesbian. Wiseman November 7, Not sure what these other folks are watching. I can just imagine the tea that would have spewed from those teeth! In that instance there should be no pride…especially if you really need it and they got it! Eric has a face that will turn ANY straight woman gay….

Days later when Gloria ,Draya and Brooke meet again, she explains that the cops were harassing him. I went back to my hotel and I was so overwhelmed by just the love and the sisterhood. HMmmmmmm if this is true or NOT?!!

Jennifer has her own Money. Straight but like lesbian porn. Until next week…The End. I work for the g-o-v-t. No lol maybe its the shots she taking to get pregnant. She just talks slow as hell.

Basketball wives lesbian

People like that, I just have to tell them spit it out or I will finish the sentence for you. Sir, how are you this morning Sassy thank you! I dont want Brandi in my TV space either ijs and btw Malaysia sexy af damn…. That I will not do. Folks who know and say: Just read that post this morning and laughed my ass off. Is she recruiting lesbians? Why it always sound like Evelyn need to blow her nose….

Thanks for asking tho how are you babes! GA Girl and Dic kinme. You are the one that told Jackie that Evelyn said she was a despicable mom. Wiseman is a freelance journalist located in the Washington Metropolitan area. Girl with big tits gets naked. Check your inbox for details.

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I thought it had to do with a threesome in Vegas, which I heard somewhere, but who knows?

These through ass wigs she parading around is getting annoying! Then came back and said they were just joking Or when I said I needed a kidney…No really I do…Please e-mail me if you willing to give one up incali. Hot naked cartoon characters. She has the I want to be liked by the pretty popular girl syndrome.

Producers are having a hard time finding new ways to to keep the public interested in fake, scripted reality shows. Sharde Gillam Posted September 25, Tammi is an old liar bitch lol and so apparently aja is the side chick of Gabrielle unions man smh lil thot pocket Jackid a looney toon thats why tammi dont want none lol.

This applies for men and women. She is the crazy bitch!!!! Stop stirring the pot. Fayla I really love my Whipfinity!

YUP and you can tell she insecure around Evelyn. Basketball wives lesbian. OMG glad others have noticed it too. Ummmm butting-in I have the time. But RIP I guess. Youjizz latina milf. You A Lie Patty! Laura Govan vent her frustrations over her struggle with having persistent yeast infections. More work for me. Most females wont say anything to you about it or admit it, but they will do it.

Perspective Remember when I painted a huge note for the thief who stole my bike? Her husband ran all over her and embarrassed her to the point groupies were taunting her on the show. Jackie had the fucked up hair and jacket after, so that shows me that Brooke roughed that ass TF up.

Now they besties again everything was Jackie fault?

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HMmmmmmm if this is true or NOT?!! So she did all this for a woman who was still married? I still deal with it. All of this proves a suspicion that we in the lesbun community had about Williams all along. Thank God she sits in a cubilce away from the public eye.

She looks like a tranny to me… big ass hands and masculine facial features. Get the Most Popular Mstars News.

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