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But I hope she is OK and doing well. Thailand naked video. Yes I did…Not many people realize that I played both of those parts. Sarah holcomb nude. On a side note, I have to believe the story about the train since she said she was going to Westport.

You'd think somebody would have tracked her down, snapped a photo, something. Javascript is required to view headlines in widget. I found this thread while researching an Article on AH, and it has just broken my heart We were going to a school called the John F Kennedy school in Queretaro.

I will not write here again but I just want to acknowledge some people who also wrote and knew Sarah in Mexico. Then she stopped showing up and that was that.

While the department in which I was employed, Domestic Theatrical Distribution, had nothing to do with the actual production of the film, we later had heard of the widespread drug use on the set. She smiled as I walked by and said hi. Sarah, You've become a legend. Hot naked cartoon characters. I met Sarah when I was 17 I'm 50 now in a mental hospital.

And yet they left out the fact that Tim Matheson is Dead Larry. Follow Fark On Twitter. I'm currently working on a book about the making of the film "Jaws 2", in which Sarah was originally cast. Just watched "Caddyshack" for the first time tonight. It is pretty astonishing that this thread has been going on now or six years! So this story of meeting Sarah sounds quite true, accurate and believable.

I just came across this string of comments. Have had a lot of fun trolling the internet for "where are they now" stuff on all the obscure folks from movies like Caddy Shack. We spent an afternoon in my backyard playing the guitar and singing. I can still picture that. If I were with you right now I would give you a long and warm hug of compassion and support. She was living in Massachusetts in the s when I got to know her. Huge tits punished. Have 3 kids and teach math, happily married!

Hi Sarah, It's Jo. It sure would be nice to have someone definitively say what happened to her, and what she is doing now. I was caught up in a little bit of it in High School in Mexico. I didn't know it was her but someone pointed her out to me.

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She could sing, too - beautifully, IMO. Milf hd hairy. Mental illness is such a devastating thing to deal with and I hope she has found peace in her life. Ever been to Portland? That said, I find Sarah's story fascinating and sad.

That's about all I can say. After the Biography Channel ran a special on Caddyshack tonight I wondered why they never talked to Sarah. Sarah, if you by chance read this remember the good times on the beaches of Oaxaca. We do not wish to intrude on your privacy,just a little note on your life.

If you thought Sarah was pretty, you should have seen her mother, Peg. The amazing thing about her story and this thread is that nobody seems to know anything. Well I hope I haven't painted myself as completely pathetic! The motion picture industry is highly competitive, and the investment in a film is highly risky and could involve hundreds of millions of dollars.

The little kid reading Playboy at the end of the movie who gets a sorority girl catapulted into his bed and yells Thank You God! Hi all, maybe I can answer a couple of questions that were posted a while back: So what happened with Marmalarde?

Perhaps he had her blessing, I really don't know, so I can't really criticize him for bring her name into it. Well I searched and it has brought me here, although the post claiming to be Sarah Holcomb may or may not have been her I wouldn't be so quick to think that she isn't happy with her two kids somewhere. Chinese girl force fucked. Sarah holcomb nude. What a lasting impression you've made. I hope you continue to smile Sarah. Sarah, if you read this, those few short years may seem so brief and inconsequential to your whole life.

As far as we know, she could be in a catatonic state, or she could be very normal at this point, and just want her privacy. The movie is worthy of a watch, if only for Sarah. Would love to speak with her about the experience but will obviously observe her request for privacy.

I sincerely hope that fans and and others of us who remain curious even fascinated by her will respect her privacy and keep any information that might disrupt her life to themselves. Came here to make this pedantic point, see it's been covered. I am a longtime family friend.

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Soon after I heard of Sarah's life taking a really terrible turn. Naked women in sauna. We were going to a school called the John F Kennedy school in Queretaro. Of course we're all older now, that was like 30 years ago. Unfortunately, my last recollection of her was at a party in Palmas and she was the center of some dispute.

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